Kristine Robinson

Kristine Robinson's clients are a diverse group, yet nearly all of them have become more than just business associates. In getting to know a client's tastes and desires for their home, Kristine often becomes like a member of the family. The relationship quite frequently extends beyond the scope of the design project. The letters and sentiments expressing clients' feelings about Ms. Robinson are many, so we have selected only a few to show you the quality of the work performed by Robinson Interiors. Excellent references are also available upon request.

I just want to let you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new paint color on the walls. It has made such a difference to each of the rooms. One of my best friends came in this morning and couldn't believe the transformation. She saw it in progress, but couldn't believe the end result! I didn't even want to go outside today cuz I wanted to just sit and enjoy the inside! Thank you again!

Megan Rezza, Ambler, PA

One thing that makes Kristine unique is her ability to blend the old with the new - both antique items and the latest trends, as well as my old familiar possessions with new pieces - to lend a more current twist to the familiar.

Kristine is wonderful when it comes to envisioning the end result. She makes a room pop; whether she is just adding accessories, creating a window treatment design or redesigning the room from start to finish. I grew to trust her judgment completely!

Kristine made the process fun rather than frightening!

Sarah Thackston, Marietta, GA

I have worked with Kristine Robinson on several projects in my home over the past six years. She has helped me with everything from the beginning architectural planning to finishing the basement of our home several years after the initial building. Kristine has always been available for my "second guessing" calls as well as last minute phone calls for a second opinion. One of my favorite things about working with Kristine is her ability to pick up on my style very quickly and create an atmosphere that is very original to me and my family. I have always been able to find just the right look with the materials and furniture she has brought for my approval. I would highly recommend Kristine for any design needs you may have.

B.J. Hallock, Atlanta, Georgia

I so appreciate you! I am totally happy with the fabrics you suggested for window treatments, and the finished windows are exquisite. I am constantly asked, "Who is your decorator?!"

Your consultations are the best! I appreciate your suggesting one area at a time. I'm eager to tackle everything at once, but your way has meant we could concentrate and not get fragmented. The result has been total satisfaction. You are so talented! The unique arrangement you designed for the foyer continues to be one of my favorite decorations.

Should you have a prospective client who wishes to question me about your competence, I’ll be happy to sing your praises.

Sue E. Engle, Raleigh, NC

Kristine is like a sister to me. We have so much fun planning and shopping together. Kristine was involved with my project from the blueprint stage and has seen it through all the way through to the end. The flooring, wall colors, window treatments, room arrangements, accessories, and artwork placement are all a product of her amazing eye for design. Kristine also has a special talent for placing accessories and making the most of my personal collections. She makes something beautiful out of all the clutter! After helping me with my Atlanta home several years ago, I knew there was no one else who could guide me through the process of building our new home in California. Thanks, Kristine! We are so happy with everything.

June Trippel, Newport Beach, CA

I absolutely LOVE working with Kristine! She's helped me with 3 major interior design projects in my house and each one has resulted in incredible results. She listens to your needs and desires, comes up with creative out-of-the-box ideas and is extremely easy to work with. She makes the process fun! I would highly recommend Kristine to anyone looking to make improvements to the interior of their home.

Traci Detchon, Alpharetta, GA

Hiring Kristine to decorate our house was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Her designs and selections from fabric, furniture, lighting, floor coverings, fixtures to accessories turned our big empty house into a beautiful and comfortable home. Kristine has the unique ability to listen and learn what her clients really like, how they live and use their space and then incorporate her philosophy about getting great looks at great prices to turn a project into a masterpiece. If you have any questions about Kristine, feel free to contact me.

Pat Merritt, Stone Mountain, GA

Kristine Robinson is not only a talented interior designer, she is also an excellent teacher. I highly recommend her certificate courses in Design at Temple University. Kristine goes well beyond teaching, she shares her personal knowledge and experiences from basic design practices to helping you understand how to successfully operate your own business. Kristine is a delight and I'm proud to know her.

Josephine Timms, Doylestown, PA

Kristine was my instructor for an interior design certificate program at Temple University's continuing education department. Her depth of knowledge and command of the subject was supreme. Her enthusiasm, communicability, and overall likable personality, made the extensive learning experience very pleasurable. I sometimes consider retaking the courses just to be in her classroom again!

Douglas Demers, Philadelphia, PA